Thursday, March 11, 2010

Elazig Earthquake

In an effort to provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Elazığ, Turkish Philanthropy Funds has reached out to leading nonprofit organizations in Turkey to find the most feasible way to support the disaster relief efforts.

We learned that the center of the earthquake is the district of Başyurt at Karakocan however the most devastated area is the town of Kovancılar. A crisis management desk has been established at the District Governor’s Office in Kovancılar, which collects and distributes the assistance.  About 2,500 people in Kovancılar were affected by the earthquake. The most needed relief products are: baby food, children clothing such as shoes, coats, sweaters, socks, etc., and personal hygiene products.

All relief products can be sent directly to:
Kovancılar Kaymakamlığı
Kriz Merkezi
Tel:        +90-424-611-7679

As Turkish Philanthropy Funds, we won’t be collecting relief products in the US.  If you would like to send money  from the US to support the disaster relief efforts, please call us at 1.646.530.8988.

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